September hues….

Can’t believe the summers gone by in a whim just like that. 

I’ve been really busy applying to dental schools for the fall that I forgot blog these months. Now I finally have some time to write quick posts. 

Recently I’ve been interested in the world of typography and calligraphy and definitely making my iPad Pro into a sketchbook of sorts. I love connecting technology with the creative processes. 

That’s all for now !! 

Yippity Yay…Almost End of MAY?


Time flew by like a fast mosquito.

I did not expect this month to fly by so quickly or that this semester ended so abruptly. So many changes from this time around…I definitely had a boost in my GPA in grad school and now realize that I perform much better in written assignment than exam taking.

Talk about exam stress – now that’s something that I think everyone can relate to…countless hours of memorizing crap that you don’t ever need to know for your career, countless hours sitting in front of the computer memorizing flashcards, and countless hours of testing yourself if you know the material. But in truth, do exams really matter? Why is that in every single subject that they have so many testings and exams to measure who you are and what you do? I just don’t get it and I probably never will.

Anyhow, as I’ve came to terms with myself – I think writing in general, anything that has to do with posters/projects/papers, and almost every other thing except for exams is good for me. I like to write, I like to make stuff, and I like to edit stuff.

And wow..its almost memorial’s day again, which also means a lot of sales!!! yay sales..who doesn’t want to go to the mall, the shops to buy loads of extra stuff? stuff you can resell, stuff you can keep for yourself, or super early Christmas presents. Now thats funny..

Anyways enough of my blabbering…for to you guys in a few days this is just a really random rambling..

and I am thinking of changing my site name to something else =D.



Outing and Birthday Fun!!!

Hey everybody!!!

It is the middle of April and I have some finals/paper coming up but no doubt I had an amazing time yesterday at Jersey City with some great friends and celebrating my friends birthday

We all went to this this really down to earth place to eat with amazing beautiful view called TAPHAUS. It was really modern environment with rustic plates and table decor (sorry i forgot to take a picture of this table decor!)

Here are some photos I took from the view =) and the lovely birthday cake

Untitled design

all photos taken from iphone and edited with wonderful vsco!

Anyways thats it for now =D


April Showers……and Chilly Cold!!!

Like seriously is it already the start of April????? I felt like that since yesterday it was just January, time REALLY flies by quick…! its supposed to be spring but it feels like winter all over again😦. just when I think i will get better i always get a lot worse.A

A few days ago  i stumbled upon Baublebar’s sample sale in New York City! I bought some beautiful Necklaces, rings, and even got a free necklace. It really was cool to see the variety of pretty items they have there!

its springtime so usually I like to shop around local stores this time of year.. I also have been going to home goods and marshalls .. They seems to have really pretty stationary!

Today I just wanna keep this post simple and show some pictures

döikvälLlevA för evigt

Top left: Baublebar criss crossed ring! top right: trader joes coconut water

Bottom left: Notebooks from homegoods/marshalls bottom right: ceiling of Newark Museum🙂

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend! i can’t believe its the end of the week already time really flies by fast